Hello and welcome to 2012, this year is going to be a year of firsts.  Last year was full of some sad firsts.  We lost Great Grandmother in march so we had the holidays without her and it was strange.  But, this year will be full of a lot of happy Firsts.  Even thought the holidays were a bit sad cause Grandma was gone, but at the same time it was the first sober holidays for my husband.  So it was a bit of a roller coaster ride.  Watching everyone around us drink and be dumb on new years was odd.  I mean these people are sometimes relatively smart, but new years they were building big bon fires WAY too close to some brush.  Hubby was on fire watch to make sure our house didn’t get burned down.  That’s what I don’t understand, how can these people have no regard for anyone around them.  would they even feel bad if my house burned to the ground while they were sleeping off their hangover the next day?  I watched their kids jump over the fire and then were tossing fireworks towards another neighbors house.  OMG – what are you letting your kids do!  But most of the people I live near drink, very heavily.  They don’t seem to have much regard towards what their kids do or having respect for others or things that are not theirs.  The fire works went off all night and it was driving my Boxer crazy.  He finally settled down and just slept really close to us.

Sunday we went to my Grandmothers and her husband has alcohol dementia and he is a royal prick.  I mean he was bad before this and is really bad now.  He yells at her all the time, but he talks almost incoherently,  I can not understand most of what he says.  Hubby said that he worries that he would end up like that, and I said if you kept drinking you would.  He said that will help keep him sober.

Our first year of sobriety is ahead of us and I could not be happier.  2012 will be a good year for change, growth, recovery and love.