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Seeing Results In Recovery | When Do Things Get Better? 

Thursdays have become my favorite day!  ok, ok…almost my favorite day.  I enjoy Sundays with my hubby.  But Thursdays are meeting nights, Hubby goes to AA and I go to Al-Anon.  I have been so tired lately, but before I go to the meeting I get so excited and then when I leave I have this calm energy.  Find a meeting, reach out, it helps so much.  You are not alone, you don’t have to be in the cold darkness of loneliness anymore.  Even if your addict doesn’t want help, you need your own recovery, your own peace of mind.  We help each other and there is strength in numbers my friends.  If people stop coming that means I don’t get my Al-anon meeting and I will be rather upset.  so please – find a group and get some help, offer some help, just come and listen.  go to an Open AA meeting.  If you are an addict and reading my blog then you are looking for help and I am proud of you.  Find an AA meeting and see what it is all about.  I had mixed feelings before I went to my first open AA meeting.

I didn’t need to go, I don’t have an issue.  Just listening, hearing the stories about nights that I lived through was like watching a remake of my home movies with other actors.  The feelings I had were not strange and I was not alone.  Even in the AA meeting I felt a kinship with them.  They didn’t look at me different cause I was not there as an addict but as the spouse.  They welcomed me just as they do everyone.  I felt at ease, welcome, they were thankful I was there.  It was a wonderful feeling.  I then knew why my husband wanted to go as much as he could.

Then it was my turn, time for my first meeting and I was so nervous.  meeting new people is sometimes over whelming.  But again I walked into the door with an open mind and heart, I was not let down.  They hugged me and welcomed me.  I found a group of people who hurt like I did, but they had what I wanted.  Serenity!  I now found mine, in Al-Anon and with my group members.  Now I need to find a sponsor.  That may not sound scary, but the unknown scares me a bit.  Who, how, where, when….Who can I trust, How to I ask them, where do I even start, When am I ready??? 


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