What has Alcohol stolen from you?

This was the question during our Al-Anon meeting tonight from one of the daily readings.  Well, Alcohol stole my husband from me.  It stole my ability to see the world and the people in it for who they were.  It stole my true self and put a hole in my heart.  For the longest time I thought the hole in my heart was due to the lack of children.  Due to health reasons I can not have children.  So we talked about adoption, we even tried to set things up for that to happen.  It was just never the right time.  That’s cause it was not time for us to have that in our lives yet.

How has your Higher power helped you get it back?

Through program, my meetings and praying – I found my husband.  I am now able to see that everyone that comes in and out of my life is there for a reason.  I am seeing more of my self everyday, and my heart no longer has a hole in it.  I covered that hole with a chip.  And I know that when we are ready for a child and the child that is meant for us is ready for a mom and dad – things will fall into place and it will happen.  I can not worry about that at the moment, I just keep working through my 12 steps and doing it one day at a time.


It’s funny that tonight of all nights we were asked “what did Alcohol steal from you?” I had already began to write the posts that will take place over the next few days about what alcohol stole from me.  I have notice that a lot since starting the recovery process.  Either TV shows, Movies or real life meets up with what I just read in one of the Al-Anon books.  But that is just proof to me that god is trying to make me listen.  He is showing me that He is there, He hears me and I should listen to the answers that just happen to be all around me.  I just have to open my eyes to see them. God bless!