On the last episode of missing husband I had just gotten back from my horrific trip to Boston and we were on the mend…

I had read bits of AA’s The Big Book and had not really given much thought to it.  I always asked him how the AA meetings went and he never wanted to talk about it with me.  Same with his classes.  I felt slighted and left out, but I was trying to stay focused on letting go of things.  We took a marriage 911 class and it seemed to really help.  Thanksgiving was here so fast and Christmas was right around the corner.  Ok so here comes December, the month where Hubby was going to get his Chip.  I had talked with him about going and he seemed excited.

We got there and I was a bit nervous, what had he told these people about me.  Had he told them all how horrible I had been.  So, I sat down right next to him and was so nervous I was not sure if I was even breathing anymore.  They went around the room “Hello my name is ___ and I am an Alcoholic.” Oh crap, I am not an alcoholic, what do I say!  I know Hubby and I had talked about this, but for the life of me I could not remember.  I heard my Husband’s calm steady voice ring out as he introduced himself and my whole body began to tremble.  Why the heck was I so damn nervous, these people all seems so nice.  Ok girl, get your crap together cause it’s now our turn.  I looked up and said as calmly as i could, “Hello my Name is Courtney, and I am the spouse of an Alcoholic.”  There I did it.  They all rang out with “Hello Courtney, glad that you are here” I got so many smiles and looks of happiness from the others in the room.

I let out a big sigh from the breath I had been holding and the man sitting to my right looked at me and smiled.  My husband had told me after I met this man that he was very nice and one of the people he was close to.  Good then I was sitting in the right spot.  After the meeting I met the Lady who ran the Al-Anon meetings.  She was so nice and so inviting, that I told her I would be back the next week for the Al-Anon meeting.  And I had truly meant it this time.  It was not like all the times that I had told my husband I was going to go one day.

The next week we went to the Thursday night meetings.  He went to AA and I went to Al-Anon.  He was going to the Sunday AA meetings but they were closed meetings.  With The holidays being on Sundays this year we decided to go to the Thursday night meetings together.  I was just as nervous for my Al-Anon meeting as I had been for the AA meeting.  But my nervousness was for nothing.  The second I sat down they welcomed me with hugs and open arms.  I had my Friend come with me cause I was scared to go alone.

So that pretty much brings this missing husband part to a close, I found my husband one night at a AA meeting.  I am sure that he will say the same thing, that his wife came back to him one night after a AA meeting.  We have both been lost.