Well – January is almost over and what a crazy month it has been.  I have found that the 12 steps are not just for dealing with the addict in our life, but I use them for everyday things.   I have no control over these people, places and things, I can only control my reaction to them. Life can feel unmanageable, hopeless or overwhelming.  Remember what I said about the chalk.  Draw that circle around yourself and remember – what is in the circle you have direct control over, yourself.  What is outside that circle you have no control over.

I was told a Story one night by a friend, not sure if it is a true story or just something she wanted to share with me.  It was about a lady who had been stressing over where her daughter was and if she was using again.  She was so upset cause she had no way of knowing where her daughter was, when someone reached out to her and said, “you don’t have to know where she is, cause God does.”  That’s all we can do is reach out to our higher power and tell them our fears and problems and let them handle it.  We can not go at this life alone, but it starts from within.