The last time I had quit smoking it was for about 2 years, I would still have dreams of smoking.  It was hard but I just kept strong, till one night bam – I was smoking again.  Hubby said that last night in his dreams he was at a party and watching people drink and have fun, he was not drinking.  He said he told people that he was sober and was going to stay that way.  So he has reached a point where even his sub-continuous mind knows he is sober now.

If I could only get to my sub-continuous mind and tell it that I will not be smoking anymore.  But my continuous mind is still having an issue with that, so one step at a time.  I have been looking into the E cigarettes, I think that is the route I am going to take to quit.  Hubby needs to quit too, but I understand he needed to get over one vice at a time.  I am very much a social smoker so I hope he can quit with me.  His strength with not drinking makes me have faith that I can have strength to quit smoking.

I have been told that for some smokers that quitting is harder that quitting heroin.  It has had an on and off hold on me for a lot more years that I would like to admit to.  I have tried the gum, no such luck.  The patches would probable help but I am allergic to the glue and plastic the patch is made out of.  The e cigarette that I am looking at getting is the same price as a box of the lozenges and it will take care of my craving for the act of smoking not just the nicotine.  I can lower the amount of nicotine in the cartridges as I go and still have the same amount of smoke breaks a day.  I can go all the way down to 0 mg and then be done.  With regular cigarettes all I can do is cut back on the number I smoke a day and that has been hard to do.  I like the step down program idea.  I will keep you all updated on my progress.

I will pray to have the strength to overcome this horrible unhealthy habit and so when we adopt a child eventually I am not such a “do as I say not as I do”  hard to tell a kid not to smoke while you are puffing on a cancer stick your self.  I will just have to make sure that even in my dreams, smoking no longer has a hold on me.