As we near the closing of this month I wanted to touch back on step one before moving on to step 2.

We admitted we were powerless and that our lives had become unmanageable.

This is a two-part step, We admit to being powerless and then we admit that our lives had become unmanageable.  I am powerless over so many things including alcohol, and my life had

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become unmanageable.  I have help keeping my life on track, I talk to my higher power.  I remember using worry dolls as a kid, they are small dolls that are used at night to soothe a person’s fears and worries, mostly children.  I guess they felt that if the child could tell the dolls and get it off their chest that it would help them feel better.  I can see how even as an adult, if you carry around guilt and worry then you have a heavy heart.

Its better to get it out before it grows and life has become unmanageable and now you feel over whelmed.  Even once re realize we have reached the point of unmanageable, we still feel we have power over it.  Till we admit to being powerless over it, it will still have its grasp on us while we fight to over power it.  It’s a snow ball that keep growing and growing, till one day you can’t move it anymore.  I take my little snowball while it is small enough to handle and hand it over to my higher power.

Decide, delegate and drop it.

That is another saying my husband got from his substance abuse class.  He said it has helped him a lot to not worry and stress over things.  I have been trying to do more “let go and Let God”  My higher power can help me overcome things that alone I would not be able to deal with.  Or maybe things I just need to say out-loud to figure out.  When I am in the car alone I will sometimes think out-loud and talk to my higher power about it.  Most of the times just doing that the answer will come to me and I feel like He really did help me see the answer.  It was there the whole time – I just didn’t see it.