Today I read in my husbands grape vine (the AA monthly magazine) about a study done on Omega 3 and the treatment of substance abuse.  So I let my googleing skills take over and did some of research of my own.  What I found was a bunch of articles on studies showing the positive effects that Omega 3 has with people who have issues with substance abuse, depression, ADHD and Alcoholism.  I read that people who are bipolar got a lot out of the omega 3 treatment, it also said that individuals who are bipolar are also more likely to have the addiction to alcohol.  I am not saying that alcoholics are bipolar, just that they get benefits from the same forms of treatments.  Antidepressants and Omega 3 work the same way.  I was told to try doses of omega 3 for my migraines and have also been told to try antidepressants.  So I already knew that they worked the same way, I just never thought that it would help with substance abuse.

We have gone out for dinner to a local restaurant that is known for their big steam buckets-o-crab, the first time we went was shortly after we started to try to work things out.  He had mentioned that the crab made him feel good, well of course it did – its yummy!  We went again and he said the same thing, he said it was an intense happy feeling and he would like to eat crab more often.  I had been trying for years to get him to try seafood and other very yummy things, I had no idea that the crab was going to that good for him.

Omega 3 is a fatty acid that is also good for your heart, as it lowers cholesterol. So there are a lot of good benefits to eating fish and shell fishCrab meat has less omega 3 than let say salmon (that I happen to just LOVE) but still, you can get the benefits from them.  If eating the shell fish, or any of the other fish is just out of the question for you – you can try taking a fish oil supplements to get the fatty acid into your system.  My husband and I just took our supplements and its time for this girl to be off to bed.

If no one has told you they love you today, I love you and God does too!