Are these extravagant promises? We think not. They are being fulfilled among us–sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly. They will always materialize if we work for them.” (Alcoholics Anonymous Page 84)

Sobriety, much like the Sanity that will inevitably follow after it, are achievable for any individual who puts their mind to the program, puts faith into action by not just speaking the understanding of the program, but by living the understanding. The living of the 12 steps is a day by day process. In NA, they say “One Day At A Time“.

I know some critics of the program, and let me tell you that anyone who is critical of the program has never truly worked it. There is no man or woman, who is brutally Honest, Open-minded and Willing to work the program, who will be able to deny its effectiveness. The promises of Sobriety are real. I know of myself that progress in many forms, are made on a daily (Short term) and even monthly (long term) basis.

After 30 days were under my belt, I gained some larger measure of confidence, and that confidence built a foundation of which was easier to look back and remember the large effort it took to get there- whenever those moments of impaired judgement, or stinking thinking – poked their ugly heads out.

We will get what we put into this program, so the question is a matter of whether you and I are willing to take action, and to keep taking action, day by day. We will always be addicts or alcoholics, but that doesnt mean that we are doomed to have to use. Help is available to anyone who actively seeks it.

Honesty. Open-mindedness. Willingness.