I have been looking into getting a replacement plant for my work desk  – my bamboo plant had finally had enough and died despite all my efforts to keep the poor guy happy.  Now I have a sad little corner of my desk.  So I have been looking for a happy little plant to replace it with.  Now, let me explain that I have to be very careful in my choice of plant.  It is very dark in my room with very little natural light and very, very dim artificial light.  I have a list of dark loving plants that  am going to ask all of my local growers about.  If I can not find one at a good price, or find it at all locally I will be placing an order on amazon (my fav place to shop) I love having plants around me – they bring me such peace.

I would love to do some kind of Bonsai and Beta fish rock garden thing.  Just ger my total serenity zen feeling going on, but I was told that animal captivity is not kosher for office decor.  So back to finding just a plant.  I was also told the fish thing was out do to the fact that I am in IT and work around a lot of computers – liquid and computers are not a good mix, I know this.  But it still doesn’t make me want the fish any less.  I might have to get one for the house, hubby said that I might be able to have one at some point.  Plants that like the dark seem to be more in the fern area.  I found a little one called a lemon fern, I guess when it grows or is touched it smells like lemons – I am sold!  I love the smell of citrus fruit.

Told my boss that I had found a plant that might work to cheer up my little cube of existence, he said since it had a scent I had to clear it with my fellow cube dwellers.  Over the week I was able to get to them all one at a time to ask if a lemon scented fern would bother them, I got a census that contained a unanimous vote to get the plant.  Everyone seemed to like the idea of a cute little lemony fern.  I still have my heart set on a bonsai – might have to get a desk lamp that I can put a glow light in for y new desk plant.  I am not sure a Bonsai would be good for my work, with my bad migraines I never know if I will have to miss a day and would hate for the poor thing to have to go all weekend and then an extra day on-top of that without being watered.  I love my co-workers and do not want to bother them with instructions on how to help me not kill a little bonsai tree.  I think that will be an adventure for being at home.

I had a money tree at home I managed to kill – I over watered it.  It seems I need to have a plant that either needs no water or over watered.  For me, the plants bring me peace and happiness.  They help me unwind and get rid of some stress.  That’s why I want to try my hand at doing Bonsai, it is a bit more of an interaction with the plants then – here is some water, a little bit of sun and maybe some plant food now and then.  I want to have something that I had a bit more interaction with.

Hubby said he doesn’t mind the fish, has not said anything really about the bonsai either.  He seems interested in these air plants I told him about.  They come in kits with glass jars that come with sand or rocks and a plant.  The plant doesn’t need soil or daily watering.  Just a “bath” once a week and they just sit on the sand or rocks or where ever you want to put them.  They just need air flow and sun light.  I think I might do ok with that plant.  Plus if I get into a habit of giving it a “bath” every lets say Sunday – it should be easy to remember to do.

If no one has told you they love you today, I love you and God does too!