OK – so hubby made me think of this last night and I just had to share cause I think it holds a good meaning.  I  think I was either in elementary school or Jr high, but we read the story about making stone soup.

A weary, poor traveler arrived in a small village. He had no food or money and had not eaten in days. The one thing he did have was a cooking pot that he used on those rare occasions

stone soup spoon

stone soup spoon (Photo credit: Hippy Jon)

when he had something to cook.
He built a small cooking fire, placed his pot on it, and poured in some water. When a few villagers asked what he was doing, he replied that he was making Stone Soup which was an ancient tasty recipe passed down to him from his ancestors. He then dropped in a smooth, round stone he had in his pocket into the pot.
As the soup warmed, the traveler told the villagers stories of his travels and the exciting things he’d seen. He tasted his soup and said it was coming along nicely, but a bit of salt would bring out the flavor. One curious villager went into her home and returned with some salt for the soup.

A few more villagers walking by stopped to see what was going on when they heard the traveler speaking. The traveler told more stories and said that a couple carrots or onion would be a nice addition to the already delicious soup. So, another villager figured he could give a few carrots and retrieved them from his cellar.

This continued on with the traveler casually asking for onions, seasoning, a bit of meat, celery, potatoes to bring out the full potential of the soup.
Finally, the soup was ready and everyone enjoyed the tasty meal prepared for them from just a stone, and a few other items.

I love this story and had totally forgotten about it till last night.  I feel that sometimes if you ask out right to get something “large” you might be met with resentment and a few doors slammed in your face.  But if you just ask for something very small to start you might end up with better results, and that includes wh

at we ask of ourselves.  Also to me this is about having faith.  He had to have faith that the people would begin to share small items with him and maybe a bit of curiosity to see what he was coming up with.  I must have faith in myself, I must have faith in my husband, I must have faith in my higher power and I must have faith in other people.  I have faith in my self that I can be a stronger person, I have faith in my husband that he can continue to stay sober, I have faith in my higher power that they will not give me more than they know I can handle and I must have faith in the members of my Al-Anon group who are always there when I need a shoulder or just some strength.

  If no one has told you they love you today, I love you and God does too!