If you find yourself at ends with someone, you just can’t seem to get past your resentment, anger or fear…pray for them for 14 days straight.  Pray that they find peace, pray that they find what they are searching for, pray that they get what it is they want out of their life.  If you forget on the 13th day, you don’t get to just continue.  You have to start over again with day 1.  Do this over and over till you make it the full 14 days.  Yesterday was my day one.  The person I pray for was once a friend, but is now concentrating one hate and dis-contentment.  I pray that they find peace dear lord.  I pray that their heart be true.  I pray that they can sleep knowing the words they say were heard.  I pray that they get what they want int their life so that one day they be happy with who they are.  Being in the active disease still I can not and will not participate in their choice of living life in a toxic manner, but pray that they find hope and help to no longer feel the need for the toxic life.  Dear lord watch over this child of god as they are in need of your guidance as they travel the path they have chosen.