“One day at a time’ what is that? I mean like 2, 3 days at a time is an option?” – Sandra Bullock, 28 Days

I love this movie.  Re-watching it now with a recovering spouse and my self in recovery – the movie had so many signs.  I guess I was not meant to see them before.  We also like to watch Rehab with Dr Drew.  That show has taught me a lot.  Watching people detox and deal with the damage they did to their bodies.  We also like to watch Intervention – that show has had me in tears on so many different episodes.  It’s amazing to me how much I hear AA – or sobriety on TV.  all the Rehab or addiction shows.  I know they were all there before – I just never really paid attention to them.

If there is any Movies or TV shows that you would like to recommend – please do so in the comment box below.  There are a lot out there that I didn’t even mention here.