Starting now, I am committing to befriending myself for a week. For each bout of negative self-talk I notice, I will answer my criticism as if I were talking to a loved one. I will pay attention to how I feel emotionally and if my attitude toward myself changes. I’ll keep notes and let you know how it goes. Will you join me in this experiment of positive self-talk?

Coping with negative self-talk or self-criticism.

I get down on myself a lot with my migraines.  I say I am sorry a lot for things I didn’t get done or the best one – I say I am sorry for crying.  Wow really!  I get down on myself so much that I feel the need to say I am sorry for crying cause it hurts that much.  I might be the guilt that causes me to cry, not sure – all I know is I feel guilty, I feel horrible that I cry and that I have laid on the sofa for a few hours.  My husband and I have had some good talks about it.  He told me what makes me crazy the most is that I will sit there and suffer for a while before I give in and take my meds.  First off – I only get 18 doses a month and that costs me $200 – that’s with health insurance and a discount from the manufacturer.  so its hard for me to just take it all the time.  Secondly they make my stomach hurt the next day.  And thirdly – I convince myself that I might get it to go away without meds.  Even my Dr – who thank God has migraines too so she understands – tells me that she says to everyone “take your meds when it starts” but she doesn’t follow her own rules.  She too gets her self to believe that she can make it go away.  We try all out little tricks to see if any of them will work this time – them we give in and take our meds.  Or at least that’s what I do.


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