My Goals:

To work my recovery program the best I can

To become a Foster Parent/Adoptive Parent

To do the best I can at my Job

To be a good daughter

To be a good wife

To be happy

To be Healthy

My Plans:

Go to the meetings that I can, call program people when needed and keep the lines of communication open with my recovering spouse

Go to classes, work on the repairs on our house, pass the back ground check, get our license

I go to work everyday that I can, I try my best to be there on time and dressed properly.

Keep the lines of communication open with my parents, I ask them for a lot of help so I try to always remember to be there for them as well.

I try to take care of my husbands needs but not in a way that causes me to neglect my own needs.  I also try not to get in the way of his recovery, and I also do not do so much for him that he no longer does things for himself or for me.

I try to greet each day as new and with a smile.  Being happy is up to me and me alone.

I try to do things for myself that will help me stay healthy.  I am working on getting rid of the not so healthy aspects of my life.