We have to write a letter to our future child, and one to the bio parents, take a family photo and make a scrap-book of who we are.  How do i put into words the love i already have in my heart for a child i have yet to meet.  I love them so much already.  I have for the 9 years I have been married and we knew we were going to adopt or be foster parents.

In filling out the application paperwork i have had to answer some in-depth questions.  Hubby is going to have to mention things from his child hood, we have to put down he was treated for alcoholism. We just have to be honest with them and hope God knows that we want to be parents and we can give then love and a safe home.

God knows what is in my heart, i have to pray and let it go.  I have to turn it over and know that he has a child for us just waiting.  I have a room, a bed, stuffed animals.  I do need a dresser, toys, clothes, and things a 4-6 year old little girl needs.

Hope to start classes in late January…its been a little stressful on us already, we just have to stay strong and not take it out on each other.  We are both scarred, excited, nervous and happy.  The unknown scares the hell out of me, but that’s what life is…learning, experiencing new things, traveling uncharted waters…good thing is we have guides, friends, family and recovery.  One day at a time and one step of a time the adoption and our recovery and our life will come at us on its own terms…I am ready.

I want to be a mom…I am ready to be a mom…just waiting for you baby girl.



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