“Feeling insecure is good for you.  It forces you to do something better, use all you talents.” – Helen Brown (editor and chief of Cosmopolitan Magazine for 32 years)

Not sure if I agree with this one or not – but it got me thinking – how can I use feeling insecure about something for the better?  If I am not sure about something, I look it up.  When I was 15 and wanted to talk to the cute new boy who just moved in next door – did I let the shyness and fear I felt inside show? NO!  Did I let him see how I felt I was too young for him or not pretty enough for him? NO!  I showed him an awkward funny girl who wanted to be his friend and who was fun to hang out with.  I turned my shyness into something else.  An wouldn’t ya know…14 years later I am still that awkward funny girl and he is still hanging out with me!  (that was my husband for those of you who didn’t guess it)

Can I do this all the time – Hell no!   I used to keep my head down and look at my feet when I was in a store so no one would look me in the face.  I didn’t want them to see my sadness, my fear, my anger – what every it was I was feeling – I didn’t want them to see it.  But now – I can smile at everyone, say Hello, look up and see the world around me.  With a clearer mind and thoughts, I can now turn those poor self-image thoughts into trying to be a better person – for myself – no one else.

So I guess I can agree with this statement, it just struck me a little strange when I first read it.  What are your thoughts?

If no one has told you they love you today, I love you and God does too!!