We are now signed up for our Adoption/foster care parenting class that starts March 20th!!   Wish it was sooner, but this class is at our agency that we already know and like the people there. Its want we wanted from the get go.  So in a way I am glad that the other class didn’t work out.  Its Gods way of remaining anonymous.  He knew if we waited it out a bit we would get a class that was better for us.  and with it getting out at 8:30 we will be able to get home at a better time.  I just need my dad to go over and feed the  dogs and let Dozer be out of his kennel for a while.

I am so excited to have that part done and signed up for.  Now I can work on the other things we need to get done.  Still need to clean out her room, get a dresser and get rid of an entertainment center.  My sister and my mom have already started to buy things here and there – it makes me feel so blessed.  My family is so supportive.  The person who I call our brother – his fiancé has started to save some of the clothes the their two little girls have out grown and asked them to go through their toys.  Our daughter should fit right in with their kids age group wise – so she will have other kids in our area to play with.

It’s all about having a support group that will stand behind ya through everything.  You (my readers) through your comments and reading the posts on your blogs – you have become part of my support team.