The other day I wrote about the 30 things I was thankful for.  Today I want to express the 30 things I fear or don’t want to happen…Again in no particular order

  1. the dark
  2. dieing
  3. not being a good mother
  4. disappointing my parents
  5. the death of a parent or sister.
  6. the death of my husband
  7. the death of one of my babies (the dogs)
  8. losing my job
  9. losing my house
  10. being told we cannot be foster parents or adopt a child
  11. my husbands health due to his drinking for years
  12. being laid off
  13. that I will be as sick as my mom is one day
  14. that I already am showing the signs of what my mother has
  15. drowning
  16. being stuck in a fire
  17. that my migraines might get worse
  18. that my husband could be injured really bad at work one day
  19. that I could one day have another seizure
  20. upsetting my husband
  21. ending up in the hospital
  22. having surgery
  23. will not be able to get home due to a bad flood (monsoon time)
  24. getting stuck with out food and water again due to a flood
  25. one day Dozer my boxer could have a bad allergy attack when no one is home
  26. something could happen at the house while no one is home and my dogs get hurt
  27. when I have the dogs in the car I pray that on one hits us
  28. that I will forget something important
  29. that I can’t drop the weight that I need to
  30. that my adoptive daughter might one day hate me