Why write a blog?’ I was asked.  Why not!  I am not the only one out there who has felt alone and desperate while trying to deal with a loved one who has an addiction.  You try to help them, cure them

, cover for them and get them to stop.  It doesn’t matter if it is drugs, drinking, over eating, no eating, internet addiction, sex addiction, WHATEVER it is we have all felt this way.  Our loved one is in pain and killing them selves and we don’t know how to make it stop.  We are also addicted to their addiction.  It makes it so we can take care of them, even if it angers us to do so, we would be lost not doing it.  Who is sicker, them or us?  Sorry to say it my friends but in some cases we are the sicker party.  We lie to them, to others and our selves.  We help them cover up and fix what ever got messed up.  They do it cause they are ill, we did it while sober, whats wrong with us?!  It’s co-dependency and it is an illness just like their illness is.  But with strength, support and unity we can help each other through this time.  That’s why I write, if I can help even just a handful of people and they find an Al-Anon group and start their own healing, that’s what is my drive.  This program is not to teach you how to fix your addict, they have to do that on their own.  This is to help you heal and deal with the addict – even if they are not sober yet.  So please – read enjoy and comment.  If you have just nasty things to say, please don’t post, I am not here for a popularity contest.  If you feel that you get something out of this, then please keep coming back.  If you hate what you see here then just move on.  Cause in the end, God as I understand him will be the one to judge me, The person looking in the mirror is the only one I have to answer to everyday.  God bless!

If anyone would like to write me and tell me their story, I would love to hear it.  If you are an alcoholic/addict – in recovery or not, a spouse, family member or a friend of someone who suffers from addiction and would like to contact me please send me an email at: chipinmyheart2011@gmail.com or chipinmyheart@aol.com (yes that means AIM too).  If you send me a story you would like published in this blog please note that in the email.  I would love to post stories I am sent.  Also if you would just like to share how this blog has helped you or any goals you have reached please feel free to send those too.  Anything that is sent to me is private and will not be shared unless noted that it is OK to share and post.