Hello, My name is Courtney and I am a spouse of an alcoholic. I live in the south-west and I am just starting my recovery.  No I didn’t do drugs or drink, but I was still in desperate need of recovery.  I have started to write two books that I hope to one day finish and maybe even get published.  I have 2 other blogs that I write and I am addicted to reading.  It truly is a passion of mine.  I also paint and do other arts and craft type activities.  I have three furry children who are also my love and joy.  I married young and set out to make a place for myself in this big scary world.  My marriage almost came to a complete and untimely end this summer.  But, with work, dedication and LOVE we have found Faith, God and recovery.  I have Faith in my recovery.  I have faith in his recovery.  I have Faith in our Marriage and I have Faith in my God.  I say My God cause he is God as I understand him.wpid-ColorTouch-1361340414165.jpeg

Court’s Royal Corner – A place for my random thoughts and rants – its bound to be funny and maybe a bit wacky.

Dozer Days – this is about my Puppers Dozer – a fun and loveable Boxer pup

We Wished For You – About our Journey becoming Adoptive/Foster Parents

If anyone would like to write me and tell me their story, I would love to hear it.  If you are an alcoholic/addict – in recovery or not, a spouse, family member or a friend of someone who suffers from addiction and would like to contact me please send me an email at: chipinmyheart2011@gmail.com.  If you send me a story you would like published in this blog please note that in the email.  I would love to post stories I am sent.  Also if you would just like to share how this blog has helped you or any goals you have reached please feel free to send those too.  Anything that is sent to me is private and will not be shared unless noted that it is OK to share and post.