Hello, I am a spouse of an alcoholic. I live in the south-west and I am just starting my recovery.  No I didn’t do drugs or drink, but I was still in desperate need of recovery.  I have started to write two books that I hope to one day finish and maybe even get published.  I have 2 other blogs that I write and I am addicted to reading.  It truly is a passion of mine.  I also paint and do other arts and craft type activities.  I have three furry children who are also my love and joy.  I married young and set out to make a place for myself in this big scary world.  My marriage almost came to a complete and untimely end this summer.  But, with work, dedication and LOVE we have found Faith, God and recovery.  I have Faith in my recovery.  I have faith in his recovery.  I have Faith in our Marriage and I have Faith in my God.  I say My God cause he is God as I understand him.

Court’s Royal Corner – A place for my random thoughts and rants – its bound to be funny and maybe a bit wacky.

Dozer Days – this is about my Puppers Dozer – a fun and loveable Boxer pup