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Tonight at our meetings, my hubby gets his 9 month coin.  I am thinking about not going to Al-Anon tonight and going into his AA meeting.  I was also thinking about maybe getting some cookies or a cake to take in – but that might have to wait till his one year – I will be bringing in a cake for that night for sure!!  I am very proud of how far we have come.  He has made a lot of changes.  There are things that are still hard, but we will both always be in recovery.  This is something we will both have the rest of our lives.  I was co-dependent and thought I had to give up my spine.  But I have learned how not to feed off of the negative and how to thrive as a strong women.

Can I live without him? Yes, where as before I thought I could not.  The key thing now is, I know I CAN do it, but I would rather not.  I would rather have him in my left and share with me all the ups and downs than to be without him.  I know I can do it now, so what is keeping me with him is love not fear.  We both know that now and it has helped.  He has told many people, even so I can hear it that he knows he can not bowl me over.  He said I fond my spine within the walls of Al-Anon and he is happy I did.  I had a very overbearing moth growing up, it was her way of the high way, nothing wrong with that, but it made me a little more timid about standing up.

I still have an issue with it sometimes, but I have been able to walk away from something, but go back and say “Hey, that was not nice.”  I have learned that not every comment needs a response, so I can keep my mouth shut when it’s not needed.  (Most of the time)  Has life been hard, you bet!  Has it been hard on us having to pay for all of his court stuff, you bet!  But we would have been in the same boat paying for his drinking too.  Do I wish we had more money, hell yes!  But I also want health more.  Everyday I wake up and have another healthy day, another day on this earth, another day to share with the love of my life and grow and learn together – well I am blessed for everyday I get.  I am just trying to get through one day at a time, cause well how can I fix tomorrow when today is still a mess.  All I can do is right at this very moment.  I can not change the outcome of things.  I can not control everything.

I used to have to feel like I had control over it all, but guess what – I don’t!  I need to work on my letting go and letting god still.  There are somethings I still have an issue with on letting go of.  I need to step back and re-look at everything.

I found this link and just had to share – its a sobriety counter – but it also tells you how many sober heart beats you have had – very awesome!  Feel free to post you days – or heart beats here as a comment.  I have 84 days and 7,289,870 heart beats.  My hubby has 271 days and 23446757 heart beats as of 8:59am (my local time)  this morning.


If no one has told you they love you today, I love you and God does too!

8 months

He has 8 month down today – and I am so proud!  Next month is my belly button birthday and he will be getting his 9 month chip at that point – it will be an awesome month for us!  And remember – if you are celebrating a birthday and you like to share – please send it either in a comment or an email and we will get them posted to help you celebrate!!  (  Here is to sobriety – here is so serenity – and here is to us!

It works if you work it and your worth it!!!

If no one has told you they love you today, I love you and God does too!

Powerful And Profound!

Texas Tech has an awesome “Celebration” meeting that addicts from all walks of addiction can come to. It doesn’t matter if you are from AA, NA, CA….. etc, they celebrate everyone’s recovery together. I had the blessing of attending that meeting thursday night and getting my 30 day chip. I made it a full size image to see the picture well enough.

I want to make it clear to both addict, and the family member affected by the disease of addiction, that every day is a celebration. Recovery is one of the best things that I can latch tightly on to, because I know it is my recovery that is going to hold my head above water. I know that attending my meetings, reading in my big book, regularly praying, being selfless- I know all these things are what is going to save me from death.

By the grace of the Lord I am here today, when many times before I should not have been. I should be dead at least three times over because of the amount of drugs I was putting into my body- but again, by the grace of God, I am alive!

We must remember always, whether addict or not, that we have need of gratitude to God just because we are here another day. So, just for this next day that He has given me, I will stay sober. As of Tuesday the 31st, ive been Sober for 38 days! May God bless you all!

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