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where has this week gone…

Wow it’s Thursday already!  This week my posts have been a little sparse and I apologize for that, but as life always does, it got in my way.  Saturday I suspected that the rash my husband was developing was chicken pox, he never had it as a child even after being around it.  Sunday he finally let me take him to the take care clinic at walgreens.  They confirmed that it was chicken pox, and then he got sick while in the room with the Dr.  I got him home and started to make him drink plenty of fluids and stay in bed.  I had to go to work Monday and Tuesday, but I did take yesterday (wed) off for my belly button birthday.  I have hit 29, I am a bit freaked out about 30 but only because I had hoped to have the adoption stuff already underway by now. Spent a relaxing day at home, did go get breakfast at McD’s and had to go through the drive through cause hubby can not be around people yet.  In true fashion of my birthday, we went from being over 80 degrees on Monday and Tuesday to 58 and very windy and a few sprinkles.  It has rained almost every year on my birthday, mom said it poured the day I was born.

I have my Al-Anon meeting tonight and I really want to go cause I want to get a chance to see everyone, but at the same time I want to stay home and be with my hubby.  He has had to miss everything this week, two AA meetings, anger management and his substance abuse class.  I am not sure if he will be able to make it to Sunday’s AA meeting or not, we will just have to wait and see how he is feeling. I am trying to keep myself healthy so I can avoid getting shingles from him having chicken pox.  I really don’t have the sick time saved up right now to take that kind of time off.  But they said as long as I keep my immune system up and try to stay healthy I might be able to avoid it so that is what I am trying to do.

  If no one has told you they love you today, I love you and God does too!


I hear everyone say this, and yes I am guilty of it myself.  But I hear so many people say “Things will get back to normal soon.”  Wait, what is normal, normal for who?  Cause my “normal” for the past few years has been a living nightmare, I don’t want to go back to that.  You know how I have started to look at it? Today is my new normal, till my next new normal.  I try really hard now not to say “normal”  cause I am not really even sure what that is anymore.  My normal is not your normal, and this normal that I am in right now is only good until my next normal.

My husband will ask me how I feel, so I will tell him my head hurts.  He turns to me and says “Normal then, huh?”  Yup, this has been my normal for many years.  Constant pain in my head that just builds and builds.  I am not happy with this normal, it’s not something I find joy in.  But it is a “normal” or natural state for me to be in.  I have a wonderful Dr now who is also a person who suffers from migraines so she understands.

You might ask yourself, how can I move past this part in my life, what will I do now?  You will find other things to take up your time. We have been working on our house, playing with the dogs, hubby has been messing with his cars and when we get a little lost – we go to a meeting.  Going to meetings helps so much, I could never understand that before.  I could not wrap my head around why my husband was going to more AA meetings that he was required to, till I went.  Now I fully understand the want or really the need to go.  I find myself getting back on track with each meeting, another one of my ducks falls back into line.  They had been running amok for quite some time.

So if you find yourself saying “back to normal” just remember, it’s just the next new normal.

nor·mal [ náwrm’l ]
  1. usual: conforming to the usual standard, type, or custom
  2. healthy: physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy
  3. occurring naturally: maintained or occurring in a natural state

On the Ranch…

My Best Friend called me to tell me he had relapsed with his pain-killer addiction.  He lives in another state so its hard on me not to be able to be there for him.  But he entered a rehab program a few days after Christmas, I am so very proud of him.  He will be done with the in-house treatment program in about a week and I can not wait to talk to him.  I did hear from him for a bit on Saturday, he said he is doing very well and is getting the help he needs working through the 12 steps with NA and AA meetings.  He will continue to attend meetings once the in-house program is done.  I wished they were closer so we could all go to meetings together, but for now just the fact that he is healing is pure joy to me.  I have been staying in contact with his wife to make sure she is getting the support that she needs to heal from this as well.  He told me I was free to be able to post something about him, so that is why I have not shared this up until now.

There is nothing wrong with seeking help from a rehab center.  Sometimes you can not do this on your own.  They help you through the detox and then teach you the tools you will need to continue on your own.  Now, some places all they care about is the cash, but if you can find a good center that cares about the people not their bank account, well then you go yourself a very good place.  Others in AA and Al-Anon have different views on the treatment centers, but hey, what ever it takes to get better I say go for it.

I am going to see if he would be so kind as to write-up a few things to share with you about his time in treatment, his battle with the addiction.  I can only write from the Al-Anon side and bits from the AA side that I get from my husband.  But I would love to be able to also bring in the point of view from someone who suffers from the addiction.

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