we watched an amazing movie last night (I know a movie on a week night!)  It is called “You Kill Me”

After alcoholic hit man Frank (Ben Kingsley) botches an assignment, he leaves the Polish mob family he works for to clean up the mess and relocates to San Francisco, where he dries out, gets a job at a mortuary and falls in love with Laurel (Téa Leoni). But when a rival gang threatens the family, he returns to take care of business – Netflix

MV5BMTAyMjg3NDE4MDleQTJeQWpwZ15BbWU3MDg2NzE4NDE@._V1._SY317_I really want to by this movie – it was amazing!!  They did a good job showing his emotions at his first AA meeting.  Hubby and I were laughing.  It’s a dark comedy – but we loved it.

Ben Kingsley, Téa Leoni, Luke Wilson, Dennis Farina, Philip Baker Hall, Bill Pullman, Marcus Thomas, Scott Heindl
The opening of this movie set the tone for the whole thing – I don’t want to do any spoilers – you just have to watch it!  Ben Kingsley just does an outstanding job, his expressions with his eyes are the best!!