On the 18th Hubby had his 2 Year sober Birthday!  On the 22nd (this past Saturday) my Parents took us to Joe’s Crab Shack as is our tradition.  I am very proud of him!! We have not been to a meeting in a long time, we have been very busy peeps.  All the things we didn’t do cause of his drinking we are having to do now in preparation for having children in our home.  Getting closer and closer to becoming Forster parents, I am so excited and nervous.  I know its been a very long time since I posted anything, but do to this sprint that we have been on to get things done I have not had much time.  Nor do I have a bunch of time at the moment but wanted to say something to honor my husbands achievement of reaching 2 years.


Everyday is a blessing, every blink of an eye is a gift. Never take anything for granted, it can be gone in a second.  God bless, God loves you and I do too!