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I am heart broken…


very sad day for the Barnes family – my heart and prayers go out to you – I can not express how my heart breaks for them.  This sweet dog was kept in a cell for 2 years for no reason and then was put to sleep just because he was a bulldog mix – they considered it to be a pit bull type breed so he was killed and they didn’t let the family see him or collect his body.  the 7-year-old lab bull-dog mix had a sweet gentle personality yet they killed him anyways.  in 7 years he never hurt a soul, they just killed him.  after being begged to let him be transferred to the US they denied this sweet baby his life.  Belfast City Council – you have shown no mercy, no heart, no kindness at all.  I hope the family relocates and is able to heal from this tragic event.  If you are the praying type of person, please join me, my husband, Dozer, Portia and Gizmo is Praying for this family and for the eternal rest of poor sweet Lennox.  RIP you sweet boy – your family tried their best – the whole world tried to free you – I never knew you but love you just as I do my own babies.  PLEASE – do not judge a breed for rumors of what some have done.  They skip stories of poodles and other “family” dogs biting kids and hurting owners.  A dog is only as nasty as we make them.  If showered with love, and snuggled and cuddled – they can be the sweetest things.  I have a 60lbs lap dog, Dozer my boxer who is the biggest baby.  I made him that way.  Abused, neglected dogs, or dogs who were made to fight other dogs – those poor souls were mistreated by the ones who were supposed to love and care for them.  They are a product of their environment and we treat an entire breed badly for it.  I have learned that people will act the way they were raised and so will animals – they don’t know any different.  They killed this poor creature just because he is a “type” of dog that they considered dangerous – not from the actions of the animal.


Happy Valentine’s day…

image   Hubby made this for me and I love it!  This was my Valentine’s day gift from my hubby.


If no one has told you they love you today, I love you and God does too!

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