• If I met myself – would I like that person?
  • If someone talked to me the same way I talk to myself – would I be their friend?
  • If I was treated by someone else the same way I treat myself – would I stay?
  • If I can’t love who I am – how can I love another?
  • If I can’t live with myself – how can another?
  • If I can’t look myself in the eye – how can another?

I treated myself so badly for so many years.  Like Jim Carry said in Liar Liar “I’m kicking my ass!”  I did that – very well.  It’s hard to think back to all the nasty things I used to believe about my self.  Like if someone tells you something over and over – even if it’s not true – a part of  you starts to believe it.

We need to start taking better care of ourselves and it needs to start with how we treat ourselves and talk to ourselves. (or about ourselves)  Like talking behind a friends back will kill the friendship.  It’s like talking crap behind your own back.  It’s time we stop being a bully.  To ourselves and to others.  “Let it start with me”