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Circle of friends…

A few Sunday’s ago I was invited to the closed Sunday night AA meeting by a few members to see a friend get his Chip.  13 year sober birthday, I was honored to be invited.  They got a chocolate cake that I could not eat, but that’s OK – it’s what he wanted for a cake.  We had to move our meeting outside due to the regular room being full of items and no one had a key to the other room.  So we grabbed some chairs and made a big circle outside, it was a beautiful cool night in southern Arizona.  We did have to compete with the trains going by, but that was OK too.  Added a bit of atmosphere to the meeting.

Sitting there in the circle with friends, my husband, a new comer – it was just amazing.  Some of us cried, all of us laughed.  It was a night full of stories, prayers, hopes, dreams, fears – It was just amazing all the way around.  I liked sitting in a circle – being able to see everyone as we shared was just so special.

I am so very thankful for the meetings that they open up for me.  I always feel welcomed and they all say how glad they are that I came.  They know that support is a needed part of anyone’s sobriety.  I have tried to make sure Hubby knows I support him.  Now that it is getting cooler at night it might be getting closer to when we can go to the bonfire meetings that they have out here in the desert.  A meeting around a fire with a potluck – oh I am so there.  It was too hot in the summer time even at night to even think about a campfire.

I must apologize for my lengthy time between posts lately.  My life has been crazy, the amount of time I can take to take care of myself is less that I would like.  I consider this something I do for myself.  I get to unleash all the thoughts in my head and get them out of the way.



Three strips of Oscar Mayer brand turkey bacon...

Three strips of Oscar Mayer brand turkey bacon cooking in a skillet. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  Mine was somewhat Uneventful.  For the most part we just did our normal hanging out at the house.  Saturday morning Mom and I got our nails done, she is able to go back to work today(Monday) so I know she was going to be in a good mood this weekend.  We did some grocery shopping after that and then I got home and rested.  We went and visited with a friend who we had not seen in a while.  Well, more like a few months.

Sunday involved our tradition of making turkey bacon, hubby cooks that.  Then I make the mini biscuits and some yummy country-style gravy.  After that were had our nice food comas on the sofa watching TV for a while.  Hubby had a lunch meeting, then we had dinner at my parent’s, got home and he left for his meeting.

I spent some of the weekend laid up on the sofa after Dozer kicked me in my right knee.  I should have had surgery on both of my knees years go but that required time off work and someone to take care of me.  Well at the time the person who would have been taking care of me was an active alcoholic and would have also had to take time off work.  So I have gone many years now with just dealing with the pain.  Saturday Dozer nailed me right in my knee cap.  Felt a little sore that night – but Sunday it hurt to walk around on it.  Today is not that bad, but then again I kinda just deal with it.  Just like my migraines, I just go one with life.
Anyways – I hope you all had an awesome weekend and blessed upcoming week.

Mom update…


Mom was able to come home on Saturday, I saw her on Sunday.  She looked much better that she did at the hospital.  She has been txting me a lot more over the last few days so I think she is getting back to her normal self.  She is supposed to see the Dr today so we shall see what they say.  I spent most of my child hood waiting to hear if my mom was going to be ok.    I will post any updates that I get and I would like to thank everyone out there who said a prayer for my mother.  She is a fighter and a survivor.

Beginning stage of Colon Cancer

beginning stage of Cervical Cancer

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where has this week gone…

Wow it’s Thursday already!  This week my posts have been a little sparse and I apologize for that, but as life always does, it got in my way.  Saturday I suspected that the rash my husband was developing was chicken pox, he never had it as a child even after being around it.  Sunday he finally let me take him to the take care clinic at walgreens.  They confirmed that it was chicken pox, and then he got sick while in the room with the Dr.  I got him home and started to make him drink plenty of fluids and stay in bed.  I had to go to work Monday and Tuesday, but I did take yesterday (wed) off for my belly button birthday.  I have hit 29, I am a bit freaked out about 30 but only because I had hoped to have the adoption stuff already underway by now. Spent a relaxing day at home, did go get breakfast at McD’s and had to go through the drive through cause hubby can not be around people yet.  In true fashion of my birthday, we went from being over 80 degrees on Monday and Tuesday to 58 and very windy and a few sprinkles.  It has rained almost every year on my birthday, mom said it poured the day I was born.

I have my Al-Anon meeting tonight and I really want to go cause I want to get a chance to see everyone, but at the same time I want to stay home and be with my hubby.  He has had to miss everything this week, two AA meetings, anger management and his substance abuse class.  I am not sure if he will be able to make it to Sunday’s AA meeting or not, we will just have to wait and see how he is feeling. I am trying to keep myself healthy so I can avoid getting shingles from him having chicken pox.  I really don’t have the sick time saved up right now to take that kind of time off.  But they said as long as I keep my immune system up and try to stay healthy I might be able to avoid it so that is what I am trying to do.

  If no one has told you they love you today, I love you and God does too!

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