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Well here we go again – Country singer Randy Travis got in trouble with the law again last night after getting involved in an argument between a husband and wife in a church parking lot in Plano, Texas.

A police spokesman told ET the altercation occurred last night around 11 p.m., resulting in Travis being cited for simple assault, a Class C misdemeanor, which in Texas can range from an unwanted touch to physical contact not resulting in injury. Medical personnel were dispatched to the scene, but none of the individuals involved wanted to be transported to the hospital.

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Contrary to some reports, the police spokesman said that officers had no reason to believe that Travis was intoxicated at the time of the incident. Earlier this month, police found the 53-year-old crooner lying naked on a street after being involved in a one vehicle accident. In addition to a misdemeanor of driving while intoxicated charge, Travis was also booked on a felony charge of retaliation after police said he made “threats to shoot and kill the troopers working the case.”


Travis performs "Three Wooden Crosses"

Travis performs “Three Wooden Crosses” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Randy Travis threatened to shoot and kill the troopers who arrested him for drunk driving last night … this according to the Grayson County Sheriff’s Office.
The GCSO says … officers received a call at 11:18 PM from a person who stated there was a man lying in the roadway.  When cops arrived to the scene, they noticed Travis’ 1998 Pontiac Trans Am had driven off the road and slammed into several barricades in a construction zone.  Travis was NAKED … so cops gave him some clothes to wear.  Travis was hauled to a nearby jail … where he was booked and posed for a mug shot … sporting cuts and a black eye from the accident.  Travis, 53, who had minor cuts and bruises, was also held on a “retaliation and obstruction” charge, which is a felony.  This marks another run-in with the law for Travis, who was arrested in February on a charge of public intoxication after police found him smelling of alcohol and carrying an open bottle of wine in front of a church.  The Dallas/Fort Worth-area resident told police at the time he’d just gotten in a fight with his girlfriend – he split from his wife of 19 years in 2010 – and he later apologized for his drunken behavior.


wow – I hope he gets help with his drinking issues.  I grew up loving his music, I pray that he gets into a recovery program.  I am thankful that he didn’t hurt anyone.  A drunk driver not only puts himself at risk, but everyone around him.  Not even who is on the road, cause a car in the hands of a drunk can end up in a house hurting or killing those inside.  May you find your way back to God Randy, Your higher power will help you find your way.

Powerful And Profound!

Texas Tech has an awesome “Celebration” meeting that addicts from all walks of addiction can come to. It doesn’t matter if you are from AA, NA, CA….. etc, they celebrate everyone’s recovery together. I had the blessing of attending that meeting thursday night and getting my 30 day chip. I made it a full size image to see the picture well enough.

I want to make it clear to both addict, and the family member affected by the disease of addiction, that every day is a celebration. Recovery is one of the best things that I can latch tightly on to, because I know it is my recovery that is going to hold my head above water. I know that attending my meetings, reading in my big book, regularly praying, being selfless- I know all these things are what is going to save me from death.

By the grace of the Lord I am here today, when many times before I should not have been. I should be dead at least three times over because of the amount of drugs I was putting into my body- but again, by the grace of God, I am alive!

We must remember always, whether addict or not, that we have need of gratitude to God just because we are here another day. So, just for this next day that He has given me, I will stay sober. As of Tuesday the 31st, ive been Sober for 38 days! May God bless you all!

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