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We will try to respond to all emails as quickly as we can.  I have been suffering a lot more lately with migraines, so I have been a little slower at checking the inbox or even posting here.  Yesterday I posted about an article I had read.  I will from time to time share information that I have read about.  Not everything here is purely just my ramblings about things.  But even when I post information on a subject I will chat about it.

That’s what I am here, to share my thoughts, hopes, experiences and faults in the hopes that maybe it will bring a bit of help to someone else.  I know how it feels when I hear someones feelings and know that they are so close to my very own feelings.  It’s nice to know that I am not alone!  Trying to find other couples who are in the same situation that we are is sometimes difficult.  Some of our friends don’t understand, some still want to burn the late night oil and drink till dawn.

It’s not that we don’t want to be around drinkers anymore, but its nice to be able to hang out and have a fun-filled night without alcohol getting in the way.  I was told a story about these guys in a bar having a good old time.

Laughing and joking, tears running down their face from it all.  A man at the bar who had gone there to have some fun, yet really wasn’t yet asked the bartender “Hey, what are they drinking?  I must have what ever it is.”  SO the bartender brings over a glass of water.  The man at the bar is puzzled, this could not be right.  “don’t believe me, go ask them.”  The man soon found out that indeed these men we simply drinking water or tea, yet having the time of their life.  They told the man about living sober and a new life they had all found.

I might not have gotten all the words in there but that is what I can remember of the story.  I like that story cause it’s kind of what I tried to tell my hubby when we would go to parties.  I don’t mind being the DD cause I don’t like to drink in the first place and it was funner to sit back and watch everyone else.  I think he now sees what I was talking about before.  We can both have just as much fun, if not more not drinking.  The only thing is we can not stay up as late anymore, and that’s fine with me.