One year ago today our lives changed, and at first we thought there was no way to recover.  Little did we know then that it was just the starting point of the road to recovery.  Yes there were bumps along the way, yes there were potholes and a few stop signs.  But there were no short cuts or detours on this road.  We took each turn as it came and used a cautious speed.  But here we are a year down the road and can look back at the people we once were, knowing that there is no way we will let ourselves go back.  I love you more and more with each moment.  I now have the tools to express myself to you in a healthy way, and you have learned the tools of recovery.  Its not perfection, it’s progress.  Each day we grow a little closer, each night i get to kiss my best friend who is my husband good night, and each morning i get wake up next to the love of my life.  I am blessed for what we have, and that is not the material things in life, its something no one can take from me.  I am blessed for your love and for you still standing by my side.  Here is to many more sober, happy, loved filled years my husband, i love you so much.  And here is to many more miles down this recovery road as we travel side by side.